Keiji Inafune may not always spin gold in the many projects with which he's associated, but the hype is very real for Mighty No. 9. A hugely successful crowdfunding campaign, it drifted off the radar a little - while also missing its original release window - but is rapidly coming back into view.

At the end of April it was given release dates for home consoles and PC, including Wii U, in which a physical retail version and DLC were also announced; the 3DS version will come 'later'. Developer Comcept has teamed up with Deep Silver for the September arrival.

As a sign of how far the game has come Deep Silver has released a handsome new trailer, showing the 'Mighty' bosses and core gameplay of this spiritual successor to Capcom's Mega Man series.

You can check this out below, just remember to crank up the quality setting to HD / 60fps.