Nintendo UK have confirmed that the "Luna Blaster" - the latest new Splatoon weapon is available for us Brits from tomorrow morning (Wednesday the 24th).

As of yet, Nintendo of America haven't tweeted out the news, but it will presumably be available this evening - in keeping with the usual DLC release patterns.

Little is known about the Luna Blaster (as of yet), besides the released images. It bears a rather retro, cosmic design and is (presumably) pretty powerful.

Going off of yesterday's article about the "leaked" upcoming DLC, it's fairly safe to assume that the Luna Blaster will come with Ink Mines and the Inkzooka as it's sub and special weapons. By (attempting) to translate the original Japanese tweet, the gun seems to specialise in short range combat, while packing plenty of punch - seemingly "exploding" on impact.

Below is the original tweet, posted by Nintendo UK, and the Japanese equivalent.

What do you think of the Luna Blaster? Can you see it turning the tides in your favour during online matches? Let us know below.