After a week the Humble Nindie Bundle has raised over $500,000 and sold more than 58,000 bundles; eShop gamers in the Americas have had the option of paying whatever they want for three games, or adding an extra five titles by paying just $10 - some have been voluntarily paying much more, of course. It's a first for Humble Bundle in tackling consoles, and has emphasized Nintendo's eagerness to take a punt with new eShop ideas.

As Humble Bundle aficionados know only too well, though, the opening batch of games is always boosted with additions during the campaign. The Nindie Bundle is no different, and it's now confirmed that three new titles are available for those that pay over the average amount (currently a little over $9); the additions bring a mix of Wii U and 3DS options.

The mid-promotion deal often drives a second wind of sales momentum in these bundles, so it'll be interesting to see whether that'll be the case here. It's worth noting that if you paid over the average when you previously bought the bundle you get these extras automatically, so they're an extra bonus on your purchase.

Are you a happy Nindie Bundle owner with these extras, or are you tempted to hop off the fence and join in now that the list of games has expanded? Let us know in the comments below, and you can check out full details on the Humble Bundle website; remember the deal ends on 9th June.

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