When it comes to fashion, Splatoon is cutting-edge gaming. Apart from those amiibo outfits that only dedicated collectors have, there are plenty of varieties of t-shirts, hats and shoes bopping around in the game's plaza at any time, while the stores rotate their offerings on a daily basis. Sure, you can pick outfits based on their buffs and level them up, but that's not the approach if you want to look trendy while splatting fools with ink.

Yet the Jelly Fresh store from the game has some serious competition in the real world. We rather enjoyed a Tiny Cartridge post for three licensed Splatoon T-Shirts from 'The King of Games' store, but were put off by rather ludicrous shipping costs out of Japan. We hadn't considered that little proviso when originally reporting on them back in May.

Yet the Splatoon t-shirt industry is positively booming over on Red Bubble, an online marketplace where people can sell their creations. A search for Splatoon brings up all sorts of merchandise including leggings(!), while Splatoon T-Shirts is a search that returns over 500 results. Even accounting for some duplicates or inaccurate results, that's a lot of merchandise.

We've picked out some favourites below. Unfortunately you can't earn money to buy them by filling a water gun with ink and splatting people - that'll just get you in trouble.

Splatoon T1
Splatoon T2
Splatoon T3
Splatoon T4
Splatoon T5
Splatoon T6
Splatoon T7

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