Diddy Smash Bros

Trademarks are wonderful for pre-E3 speculation, as they can mean nothing or - alternatively - be an early twitch ahead of an announcement. With that in mind, fans of the Kong clan should pay attention.

A trademark has been filed in Europe today (10th June) for DIDDY KONG, which covers games, gaming 'apparatus' (accessories), merchandise and downloads. Of course, Diddy is already common in various games and is all over lots of Nintendo merchandise, so this could simply be some retrospective back covering. On the flipside, the timing - in the week before E3 - naturally prompts speculation.

We did a search on US trademarks and found no new results, while there are no other new KONG-themed trademarks registered this week - at the time of writing - in Europe.

As already stated, this could be something or nothing, but gives us some harmless speculating to do. Would you welcome a Diddy Kong-themed reveal at E3; if so, what would you like it to be?

Thanks to Benson for the heads up.

[source oami.europa.eu, via nintendon.it]