In his Nintendo glory years

Howard Phillips - one of the most recognisable figures in Nintendo's history - has a new job.

Phillips - who was once given the nickname "Gamemaster" at Nintendo and was responsible for overseeing many of the hit titles that were released for Nintendo's NES console - has joined Berlin-based GameDuell and will be in charge of all of the company's teams and game design projects.

Phillips is also the man behind the legendary Nintendo Power magazine, and was famed for his ginger hair and choice of red bow tie. After leaving Nintendo in 1991, he moved to JVC and then onto THQ. Senior roles at Microsoft and Chair Entertainment followed.

GameDuell has been running since 2003 and specialises in browser and mobile social gaming.

Here's what GameDuell's Todd English had to say about the appointment:

We are so honoured having Howard Phillips join our team as another inspiring lead figure. He will boost the production of our new generation of social and mobile games to a new level.