Nintendo E3 2015

As previously pointed out in a talking point earlier this week, we are officially in the thick of E3 silly season. Every year, we receive "official internal documents" from various fans and readers who claim to have received such highly confidential information from their best friend's uncle who works at Nintendo, or a similarly far-fetched source. These documents usually contain some previously confirmed content - in an attempt to give it some credibility - followed by amusingly ridiculous claims, such as how there's apparently a GamePad on the way that'll feature a 3DS card slot and functionally be a 3DS.

In an effort to poke fun at this phenomenon, a webcomic writer by the name of Brian Lee has created a site that randomly generates an itinerary of Nintendo's E3 announcement plans every time it's refreshed. No release dates are given for any games, but the platform, presenter, and type of reveal is provided. For example, we can look forward to Cammie Dunaway revealing The Legend of Zelda: Considerable Ex-husband for the 3DS via a short teaser trailer.

What are some of your favourite fake rumours you've heard over the past few weeks? What upcoming games did this site just make you aware of? Share your findings in the comments below.

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