Digging the hair, dude

FunStock has announced that it will be carrying Numskull's limited edition 2015 range of Street Fighter T-Shirts.

Designed by the supremely talented Stanley Chow, these are strictly limited and can be preordered now, with shipping taking place in June. The UK price is £19.99.

Here's the official PR:

The forthcoming T-Shirt range features iconic Street Fighter™ characters Ryu, Ken, and Blanka in Chow's distinctive style, plus alternate designs featuring the fighters as Royal playing cards.

Chow said, "I have always been a huge fan of Street Fighter, so getting to interpret my favourite characters and then see them brought to life has been simply awesome and I'll be wearing each T-shirt with pride. I'm pleased as punch! No pun intended."

Will you be laying down some Bison Dollars for one of these shirts? Let us know by posting a comment.