Dr. Mario

While the qualification rounds for Nintendo World Championships 2015 aren't quite the exciting event we hoped, it's good news for those that have mastered the relevant mode in NES Remix 2 or Ultimate NES Remix, the latter of which will be the version utilised in qualification. It mimics the original unique cartridge from the 1990 event in using three games, though in this case uses Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3 and Dr. Mario.

Your humble writer is rubbish at Dr. Mario, and that could be a significant disadvantage for anyone planning to take part in the upcoming competition. Though runs in the Mario titles do matter, bringing together combinations and chains in the pill-mixing puzzler can be hugely lucrative in points.

A case in point is in the video below from PanBanRichard, originally posted last December. Courtesy of being freakishly good at Dr. Mario this individual obliterated the competition in the online leaderboards at the time, and it's a score that'd still be trouncing the competition in the current rankings; we've checked in NES Remix 2. Though the Mario Bros. runs could have been better, the Dr. Mario multiplier is absolutely definitive.

You can see the run below; if this individual is lining up in your regional qualifier of choice the dream may be over.

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