Miiverse 1

Since the launch of Miiverse on the Wii U in 2012, the social media platform has undergone a series of changes. Nintendo has provided its service with ongoing support in the form of regular updates. These updates have enhanced and refined the overall experience, and other fixes from time to time have focused on improving the performance and safety of the social network.

Of course, that’s not to say the platform hasn’t had any challenges along the way. Despite Nintendo’s ongoing support, there are certain adjustments that aren’t always so welcomed by the community. Today appears to be one of those days, with the latest update to Miiverse receiving a mixed reception from regular users of the platform. Improving the display speed times, but now only showing one latest post per friend or user that you are following.

Take a look at Erika’s full post below:

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Thanks to SpoonyTech for the heads up!