Just like the movies! Only more expensive

Games consoles are expensive items - especially when purchased at launch for their full retail price. However, Bandai Namco - along with Star Wars creator Lucasfilm - clearly feels that there's a market for gaming hardware that costs more than your average car, as it has just announced that it is bringing its popular Star Wars: Battle Pod arcade game to the home.

Already a hit in amusement centers all over the world, the Star Wars: Battle Pod is an immersive arcade experience which takes place during the original trilogy of movies (or, as they are otherwise known, "the good ones"). The unit is massive and tips the scales at 365kg / 804 lbs. Given its dimensions and weight, it should perhaps come as no surprise that shipping is not included in the basic price of $35,000 / £24,000.

If money happens to be no object then you might want to turn your nose up at the basic model and opt for the premium edition, which is made-to-order and features leather seats, a carpeted interior, a personalised leather-bound user's manual and your name inserted into the end credits. The price? A cool $100,000 / £65,000. Chump change, as long as your father happens to be an oil baron.

You can learn more about this unique machine by visiting the official site. In the meantime, we'll stick with simply pumping a few coins into the unit in our local bowling alley - we like our kidneys where they currently are, thanks very much.