Excitement for Splatoon is building like it's your upcoming 8th birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's all over again, and some recent tie-ins are only adding to that sense of fun.

Interested parties who haven't pre-ordered yet might want to consider heading to Target for their squid-based needs, if possible. An allegedly revealed circular for next week shows that those who pick up Splatoon at the store might also be able to score an exclusive squirt gun as well.


Supplies are expected to be limited, and this is also the same day the exclusive Jigglypuff amiibo will release, so consider going early and anticipating a bit of chaos.

Meanwhile, over in Japan, the June issue of CoroCoro has featured a short and silly manga with a basic overview of the squids and their turf wars. A fan translation has been made available, which you can find at the second link or in the images below.

Is anticipation for Splatoon making you so giddy you might just blow chunks in the ball pit? That's gross, and why we don't have ball pits anymore. But still, let us know below!

Splatoon Manga 1
Splatoon Manga 2
Splatoon Manga 3
Splatoon Manga 4
Splatoon Manga 5
Splatoon Manga 6
Splatoon Manga 7
Splatoon Manga 8
Splatoon Manga 9
Splatoon Manga 10
Splatoon Manga 11
Splatoon Manga 12

[source gamnesia.com, via thehippityhoppityboop.tumblr.com]