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After reportedly moving away from Nintendo eShop development, the creator of Spikey Walls, RCMADIAX, returns to the Wii U eShop this summer with the announcement of a trio of titles for North America.

The previously revealed Color Bombs is a chain reaction game, Don't Crash requires quick reflexes to navigate a car around a track, and Pixel Slime U is an auto-runner with a twist. Miiverse integration promises to offer a deeper competitive experience.

Take a look at each of the official game descriptions below:


In this chain-reaction title, players must collect a predetermined amount of "COLOR BOMBS" to complete each stage. Several difficulties such as advanced and timed levels will challenge even the most seasoned player.


Quick reflexes required! This exciting arcade title requires its players to dodge oncoming traffic by switching lanes. Each successful lap around the track is a point, but be careful as the CPU will quickly change lanes without notice. To add to the challenge, the speed of your car will increase with every successful lap. Players are encouraged to post their scores to Miiverse and compare to others online.


An auto-runner with a twist! This title is one where you are challenged with achieving the LOWEST score possible. Players control a pixel slime through 40 levels while trying to avoid death. Stages quickly change mechanics to keep players guessing whats next. At the end of 40 levels, players are encouraged to post their death score on Miiverse to compare with the online community.

RCMADIAX has also revealed Super Robo Mouse for the Wii U is back in development, with more details about the title to be announced soon.

Unfortunately none of these Wii U eShop games will be released in Europe any time soon according to the following statement:

These titles and more are being considered for the Europe market, but we are currently waiting for improvements to the ratings system to take place.

If you live in North America, let us know in the comments if you're interested in any of these upcoming Wii U eShop releases.