Nintendo's clearly keen to make a success of Splatoon, as shown not only by broadcasting a special Nintendo Direct but also in the previous announcement of a Wii U hardware bundle for the game. It's a smart move, though the downside in Europe is that - oddly - the bundle won't arrive until 19th June, a few weeks after the game launches.

It'll be available at various retailers and includes a copy of the game with a 32GB system, though the official Nintendo UK store has now pitched in with a few unique bundles. As you can see in one example below, they come with a strategy guide, amiibo and a GamePad skin.

Splatoon Wii U Bundle

There are three options available at the link above:

  • Standard premium pack - £249.99 - comes with the bundle, GamePad skin and strategy guide
  • Standard premium pack girl amiibo - £259.99 - comes with the bundle, GamePad skin, strategy guide and girl inkling amiibo
  • Standard premium pack boy amiibo - £259.99 - comes with the bundle, GamePad skin, strategy guide and boy inkling amiibo

It'll be interesting to see whether these sell out or stay on the virtual shelves - the 19th June release isn't helpful, but these are another means for getting hold of the Splatoon amiibo.

Are any of you in the UK tempted by this?

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