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Last month, Capcom announced that their "Mega May" event was back in full force for 2015, focused on bringing classic GBA Mega Man titles to the Wii U Virtual Console. Now that the month is here and we're already panicking about how fast time is slipping by, these weekly releases have launched into action, with fan-favourite Mega Man & Bass leading the charge.

Players were invited to vote on which of four titles they'd like to see released first, and this 2D adventure was revealed today as the big winner. As such, it's available right now on the North Amercan eShop, with further releases each week for the remainder of the month.

The full line-up and NA release schedule can be seen below, which makes for a total of six if you count Pokémon-style variants for the Battle Network titles.

  • Mega Man & Bass - May 7th (Available Now)
  • Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue/White - May 14th
  • Mega Man Zero 2 - May 21st
  • Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon/Red Sun - May 28th

Which of these titles are you most excited to take on this month? Let us know with a comment below, but whatever you do - make it MEGA!