Chibi-Robo is a series that's somewhat more prominent in Japan, though 3DS owners worldwide may have been tempted to pick up Chibi-Robo! Photo Finder to try out its use of the system's cameras for AR (augmented reality). Photo Finder certainly had its critics, though, and Nintendo has today announced a new title for Japan that focuses purely on platforming.

Rather than AR shenanigans or busy work in a 3D environment, this new entry looks like relatively straightforward platforming fun - the little character's plug becomes a whip and lasso, too, blending ideas seen in a whole load of platformers over the past couple of decades.

There'll even be a cute little amiibo that, when scanned, will give the player greater speed and abilities.

Chibi Robo Amiibo

Announced for a Fall Japanese release in today's Nintendo Direct, we'll wait and see whether this latest entry - and its amiibo - make it to the West.