Pokemon Lap

Here's another event to file under the "wish I was in Japan" category, as Pokémon fans within travelling distance of Tokyo could potentially learn a little about science and also have fun with one of their favourite franchises.

From 8th May onwards, The Pokémon Lab exhibit at the Miraikan science museum will have three areas dedicated to scientific education for young visitors. One will be home to Poké Balls with 'mon inside to be identified, another will task visitors with identifying Pokémon based on their characteristics, while a third room will focus on real-life scientific discoveries.

Pokémon certainly seems like a useful tie-in for an exhibition like this, with its focus on nature and Types certainly flexible enough to be moulded into an educational experience. Based on the logo above it may be worth attending for the Pikachu and lab coat combinations alone.

This is very much a local collaboration and project, though it'd be interesting to see whether it'll inspire other exhibitors around the world in years to come.

[source siliconera.com]