Pet project

Project X Zone 2's shock announcement is welcome news for fans of the original game - and is perhaps a little unexpected, too. Following the news, Japanese magazine Famitsu caught up with Kensuke Tsukanaka (producer, Bandai Namco), Ichirou Morizumi (Monolith Soft, development director) and Kouji Ishitani (development producer, Monolith Soft) to chat about the title.

Morizumi revealed that development of the sequel began after the western release of the original, with Tsukanaka adding:

The release had very good reputation in North America and Europe. So given the situation both domestically and overseas, we started to create the sequel... The Japanese fans are considered when making the sequel, but we also want to create content which makes overseas fans happy.

When quizzed about how feedback from fans has been factored into the sequel, Ishitani said:

We received lots of opinions relating to things that affect the gameplay, like the number of enemies in one map and growth elements other than level ups. On the basis of those comments, we are rebuilding the gameplay for this game by adding new elements and improving the old ones in game rules and the system. We are also making the visuals of battle scenes, etc. easier to understand.

According to Morizumi, 14 different games will be represented in the game - many of which were seen in the first title - but there could be some surprises:

Those haven't changed much compared to the last game so while we kept the staples, we also added new entries... By the way, I think there will be surprising announcements in the future, when you think like "Huh? This character from that game!?" I guess the expected and unexpected are neatly mixed (laughs).

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