Earlier this month there was a great deal of excitement around the arrival of Mewtwo in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, at least for Club Nintendo members. Unfortunately some ran into trouble, however, when a glitch started to prevent players getting online after playing as Mewtwo. Some single-player modes prompted a problem with the Global Smash Power rating, falsely interpreting players as attempting to cheat and preventing them from joining in with online matches.

Nintendo did apologise and promise a quick fix, and the result of that is available now. Both versions of the game have an update waiting, which is mandatory before playing online. A browse on forums such as Smash Boards affirms that this is allowing those affected by the Mewtwo glitch to play online once again, while it's also shut down some workarounds with custom moves that some were manipulating for humorous YouTube videos.

It's good news that Mewtwo is now fully available, and just in time for the public sale of the character.

Were you affected by this, and are you planning to smash some foes online with Mewtwo? Let us know.