Fossil Fighters Frontier

European Nintendo fans have hopefully been saving the pennies during the recent quiet spell of releases (since the New Nintendo 3DS arrived), as another title has been confirmed for the rush of arrivals in May and June. This time it's Fossil Fighters Frontier on the 3DS, which is due to hit the region on 29th May.

Developed by Red Entertainment and making its début on 3DS after DS releases, this is part Pokemon and naturally part it's own style. You gather and re-form fossils to build up a group of dinosaurs (well, 'Vivosaurs') that you then use to fight other beasts and take down a villain called Dr. Baron von Blackraven, which is a name that copies and pastes most villainous name tropes in one.

It's certainly an RPG adventure that's fairly simple and accessible, and despite some minor issues we gave it a solid recommendation in our recent Fossil Fighters Frontier review.

It'll have a lot of competition in Europe - Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush arrives for Wii U on 8th May, Code Name S.T.E.A.M. hits on 15th May and Splatoon is another arrival on 29th May. It'll be a month full of decent choices.

Will you be grabbing this for your 3DS in May?