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Gaming-themed clothing is a pretty big business these days, with plenty of clothing companies waking up to the fact that - hey - gamers like spending lots of cash on items emblazoned with images from their favourite titles.

Jamie Koala is one such designer who is well aware that clothing with game art on can be pretty damn cool, and she's released some new items as part of her Spring 2015 range which channel the spirit of Nintendo's massively popular Zelda series.

Included in the new range are items for both sexes, with some rather eye-catching dresses and some cool T-Shirts. The highlight has to be the Majora's Mask-inspired dress - shown above - which will have a limited production run of just 25 units and retails for $76.

We're not entirely sure if being covered in tattoos is a requirement for wearing these items, but the following photos sure seem to suggest so. Either way, these are some amazing items - let us know if you're tempted to place an order.

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[source tinycartridge.com, via blog.jamiekoala.com]