Diddy Kong

The troublesome Diddy Kong has reportedly been nerfed in yesterday’s Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS update which saw the highly anticipated return of Mewtwo and introduction of costume DLC for Mii Fighters.

Donkey Kong’s side kick has caused mayhem in competitive Smash for some time now due to his over-powered nature, and Nintendo has finally put a stop to it according to information from top players that the recent patch has made Diddy Kong less of a threat in battle.

A user from the Smash Bros. Reddit community by the name of DrWeeGee has compiled player findings (listed below) on the latest iteration of Diddy Kong.

Uair nerfed from 8% -> 6%, knockback reduced. CONFIRMED
Fair nerfed from 12%/10% -> 10%/8%, knockback reduced. CONFIRMED
Uthrow nerfed from 10% -> 8%, knockback reduced. CONFIRMED
Dthrow nerfed from 7% -> 6%, knockback unchanged but hitstun reduced. CONFIRMED
Monkey Flip (kick) nerfed 14%/12% -> 12%/10%, knockback reduced. CONFIRMED
Monkey Flip (grab) nerfed 12% -> 10%, knockback reduced. CONFIRMED
Banana (Throw) nerfed from 7% -> 5% CONFIRMED

Let us know in the comments if you’ve noticed the differences in Diddy Kong – or any other characters – since the latest update.

Thanks to Benson for the tip!

[source kotaku.com]