Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures is out now on the Wii U in North America, which allows you to play with handsome HD pixels, though there are undoubtedly some that want to play it on the smaller screens of the 3DS. Shovel Knight and Shantae and the Pirate's Curse are two examples of games that look great on Wii U, but arguably pop and feel particularly at home on the portable; perhaps the AVGN game will be similar.

The good news is that it's getting progressively closer to release. In an interview to be published later today on Nintendo Life, Sam Beddoes - the lone developer behind FreakZone Games - says the following.

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The 3DS version has stereoscopic 3D, as well as some dual screen features, similar to the GamePad features on the Wii U. It's all done and going through Nintendo's approval process.

We're still waiting for the game to be localised on any platform outside of North America, but progress is being made. Are you tempted to splurge on this one for 3DS?

Be sure to check back later today for the full interview, in which we talk to Beddoes about how the game came together, the roles of ScrewAttack and James Rolfe, and more beside.