When Nintendo announced the original DS (sometimes know as the "Phat") there was talk that it was a separate pillar of the Nintendo portable business, with the Game Boy to continue. The phenomenal success of the DS family, though, has meant that it's taken the place of the iconic brand, and it's hard to know if we'll ever see a new Game Boy portable from the big N.

UK newspaper the Mail on Sunday just can't let go, however, as in awarding the New Nintendo 3DS XL its 'gadget of the week' gong - over a month after it was released - it's also rather humorously called it the Game Boy 3DS XL. You can see the evidence below from former Nintendo Life and Push Square writer Katy Ellis.

It's a glorious error, and it's clear that some jut can't let the Game Boy go; as for us, we think the Game Boy and 3DS branding work better apart.