Like much in the gaming industry at present, the retail sector is facing continual challenges and a state of flux. For retailers there's the challenge of boosting online sales while keeping bricks-and-mortar stores in business, while the shadow of Amazon looms over gaming-specific brands.

UK retailer GAME is picking up on a staple of the Amazon service, however, opening up a 'Marketplace' section where third-parties - notably only of the Indie variety at present, it seems - are able to sell a range of wares. Listings are based on the best prices, so GAME's in the odd position of being undercut on games by a number of these smaller businesses - GAME will nevertheless pocket a commission, surely, so doesn't entirely lose out.

The Marketplace branding, though, is all about gaming culture goods - T-Shirts, comics, and general extras that fill shelves and decorate rooms.

GAME Marketplace

Options are relatively slim right now, but we're particularly interested in the Product Index page, with some notable ranges 'coming soon'. These include Wii games, GameCube consoles and accessories, in addition to Retro consoles, handhelds, games and accessories. There's a healthy range of small businesses that sell retro gaming systems and games in the UK, and it'll be worth seeing which get involved in this GAME Marketplace, especially as the retailer is the most recognisable video game specialist in the country.

Let us know what you think of this, and whether you'd like to see game retailers prominent in other territories - such as GameStop, EB Games and more - pursuing similar ideas.

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