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Earlier this year RCMADIAX, who published the Wii U eShop's first Nintendo Web Framework game, announced that he was planning to step away from the Wii U. The developer has now taken to Twitter to provide a series of updates that indicate a quicker than expected move away from Nintendo's hardware and a re-assessment of its development priorities.

The focus moving forward will be in other platforms, which was already stated, but also a rebranding and focus on less frequent releases - quality over quantity. The strategy of many small experiences on the Wii U eShop clearly hasn't paid off.

The full stream of tweets is below.

It's certainly an honest set of statements, and fans of the studio's work will surely be disappointed by Super Robo Mouse moving away from the Wii U. RCMADIAX has certainly been an interesting presence on the Wii U eShop, for reasons good and bad.

What do you make of these recent comments from RCMADIAX?