Cube Creator 3 D Poster Sz

Cube Creator 3D is a Minecraft-alike which is coming to the 3DS soon from Big John Games, and the developer has gotten in touch to tell us about the game's Survival Mode.

Like Minecraft - from which Cube Creator 3D clearly takes inspiration - the Survival Mode is all about gathering resources. There is a day and night cycle, as well as the ability to sleep. There are portals that will take you to the different environments - Forest, Desert, Tundra, Mountains - and non-player characters that drop resources when slain. To improve your chances in combat, you can equip various items of armour.

The game's Creative Mode on the other hand offers five unique environments - that's all of the ones available in Survival Mode plus a plain, flat environment. You can have up to ten 'creative' worlds and a single 'survival' campaign running at one time.

Big John Games has confirmed that the Cube Creator 3D demo has been downloaded 250,000 times since it launched in December last year, while the full game is currently in lot check and should be released on the eShop shortly.