Elliot Quest

Elliot Quest is a new Metroidvania title on the Wii U eShop developed by Ansimuz Games. The 8-bit adventure sees players controlling a character named Elliot (who bears several similarities to Pit) on his race to find an ancient demon that can cure a curse placed on him that keeps him from dying, and will eventually turn him into a demon himself. Even though it launched just this past week, there's already an update out for the game that adds some new features.

Thomas of PlayEveryWare - the company responsible for publishing Elliot Quest - recently made an announcement via Miiverse detailing the new patch. Players will now be able to play the game with the Wii Remote, Wii Remote + Nunchuk, Classic Controller, and the Wii U Pro Controller in addition to the GamePad. Also, a bug was fixed where the background would sometimes glitch when players used the Feather item.

What do you think of Elliot quest? Are you glad they added in more controller support? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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