AVGN Screen

It's been quite a wait for Nintendo fans of the YouTube trailblazer AVGN, with Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures arriving on PC in 2014 and pegged as being due "very soon" last July. Set for Wii U and 3DS, it will at least apparently utilise the second screen options on both systems.

The Wii U version seems to finally be on the horizon, with the official game page on Nintendo of America's website listing it for 2nd April at a price of $9.99. These listings are occasionally inaccurate, but hopefully publisher ScrewAttack Games will clarify soon; we're also curious to see if the 3DS version is due to arrive at the same time.

As for the kind of game developer FreakZone Games has produced, it's a typically fiendish retro action-platformer with plenty of references to classic games and the YouTube series. It'll also, presumably, be one of relatively few 'mature' download-only titles on the eShop.

Are you still excited about this one on Wii U and 3DS? Let us know.