Love it

The Pokémon trading card series has been running for years and continues to generate revenue for Game Freak and Nintendo, but it's not the only game of this type that Nintendo has up its sleeve.

The recent Level-5 3DS hit Yokai Watch - which has since been followed by Yokai Watch 2 - has its own collectable card game, and it has been confirmed that the series has sold 100 million cards in eight months in Japan.

Yokai Watch Toritsuki Card Battle is a two-player card game that is now on its fourth series, and is handled by Bandai Namco, who distribute all Yokai Watch merchandise in Japan. Bandai Namco gets a share of the profits generated as part of the deal, and has made more cash from this arrangement than it has with any of its own properties of late.

Yokai Watch still hasn't been released in the west, but that looks set to change this year. A range of Yokai Watch toys is also coming, so perhaps Nintendo - alongside Bandai Namco and Level-5 - will have another chance to boost its profits when the franchise hits western shores.