Twitch Dates Pokemon

Following the success of the insanely popular TwitchPlaysPokemon of last year we now have an offline visual novel parody, TwitchDatesPokemon.

Originally inspired by fan art of TwitchPlaysPokemon eleven months ago, the dream is now a reality, with a team coming together under the name of TableFort Studios to release the first instalment for PC and Mac.

Players take control of a young Espeon known as Burrito starting out at Twitch Academy. In the first week you'll meet classmates, enrol and attend classes, and be able to date up to seven characters; it may seem rather bizarre to anyone that hasn't followed TwitchPlaysPokemon closely and been involved with its community.

Take a look at the trailer of the first instalment below and let us know if you're at all tempted to check this out; the first download is available now.

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