Link Milkbar

Popular YouTuber Smooth McGroove is at it again, and this time he tackles the 'Milk Bar' from Majora's Mask with a great level of detail and precision (as always).

His 'Oath to Order / Calling the Four Giants' upload a week ago proved to go down exceptionally well with all the hype surrounding Majora's Mask 3D this month, so the Milk Bar theme is also being welcome.

It should be noted that this acapella is his 99th, so it leaves fans speculating what song he'll dedicate the prestigious 100th spot to. What Majora's Mask song would you like Smooth McGroove to perform for his next video, or any song from gaming's illustrious history for that matter?

Also, if you didn't see it previously, be sure to check out our 'Ninterview' with the YouTube musician.