Master Quest Symphony

Following the news that the “Symphony of the Goddesses” tours were returning in 2015 on a worldwide Master Quest comes new information via NeoGAF after the concert’s arrival in Japan over the weekend. With tickets sold out, Nintendo were nice enough to broadcast it to Japanese locals via NicoNico.

The good news for fans outside of Japan is that the music played at this concert has now been revealed by a user on NeoGAF, and sees the return of particular tunes from previous tours, along with the inclusion of new music to celebrate the release of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and Majora’s Mask 3D.

The song list is below:

Part One

01) The Legend of Zelda: Symphony Overture
02) Gerudo valley (Ocarina of Time)
03) Boss Battle song medley
04) Majora's Mask medley
05) Hyrule Castle & Lorule Castle (ALBW)
06) Prelude: "The Creation of Hyrule"
07) First movement: "Ocarina of Time"
08) Second movement: "Wind Waker"

Part Two

09) Interlude - Intermezzo: "Great Fairy theme"
10) Ocarina melodies from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask
11) Third movement: "Twilight Princess"
12) Fourth movement: "A Link to the Past Finale"


13) Ballad of the Goddess and Fi's Theme (Skyward Sword)
14) Dragon Roost Island (Wind Waker)

Encore 2

15) Majora's Mask Medley 2

Let us know in the comments what you think of the line-up.