Ninja love tea

Ninja come in several different varieties, but few seem to be as round or whimsical as those in Stafall Studios' Sneaky Ninja. The egg-like masters of shadow are the focus of a Kickstarter campaign with a Wii U release as one of the main goals.

According to the Sneaky Ninja Kickstarter page, the game plans to combine classic platforming action with plenty of stealth game elements. You can defeat your rival Samurai enemies by jumping on their heads, but it'll likely be much more beneficial and fun to stick to darkness and trickery to take them down instead.

Being stealthy will increase your ability to use magical attacks, but a number of ninja weapons also seem on hand to aid the effort. On top of that, each of the starting four characters has his or her own special ability to employ, with more info on such planned for future updates.

Six worlds with multiple areas are currently planned for Sneaky Ninja, but more may be added depending on stretch goals. Another goal that might appeal to craftier players is the ability to share fan-made stages with a level editor.

Take a look at the Sneaky Ninja trailer below and let us know if you'll let it slink away with some of your support.