Match making

Update: Sega has issued a statement via one of its community managers:

Regarding eLicense, this company is not working on behalf of SEGA in any capacity. We are issuing a Cease & Desist to eLicense and reaching out to YouTube directly to work on resolving this problem. eLicense is acting independently and Sega intends to take the necessary action to prevent this from happening again.

Original Story: If you're a Nintendo fan then you'll be aware of the news regarding the company's YouTube revenue-sharing initiative, where uploaders can claim between 60 to 70 percent of cash generated as long as they signed up to the YouTube Creators Program. Seasoned YouTube stars have reacted negatively to the proposal, stating that Nintendo is out of touch with how video promotion works online.

It would now seem that Sega is getting in on the act as well. According to fan-site TSSZ News, there have been reports of Content ID claims being filed against videos which feature Sega games - Sonic and Out Run being the most notable at this point in time.

Sega has apparently denied any involvement with the claims, which are being executed via a Japanese company called elicense. No videos are actually being taken down, but the content ID claims remove the uploader's ability to monetise their videos with adverts. Despite Sega's denial, there are rumours that it is operating through elicense to protect its copyright.

It is believed that the claims are being made based on music alone, and Sega fans are being told that for the time being they should remove any game audio from their videos.

If you've had a Content ID claim filed against a video of your own, leave a comment below to let us know.