Cheating should be legal if you're the Bowser player

Classic games games with Nintendo skins are nothing new, even if we are still waiting for Wii Fit Twister. In the meantime, game company USAopoly is releasing two more themed titles to stack next to your Monopoly and chess sets.

First off the line, according to pop culture site ICv2, is TacDex: Super Mario. This title is said to play like the simple card game War, although players will have good guy and baddy-themed decks and somehow be able to flip between the winning conditions being either higher or lower card. Release is scheduled for sometime this winter at an MSRP of $9.95.

Spring will see the expected release of Yahtzee: The Legend of Zelda, pictured below. It's tough to see any real way these two timeless properties blend thematically, what with Yahtzee's strive for five and Zelda's affiliation for threes, but at the very least you can shake a dice cup shaped like a treasure chest? It may also come with some special rules, but no further details are known for now.

Are you thinking of picking up either of these person-powered games for your collection? Let us know!

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