Xenoblade X

Nintendo's various Direct broadcasts had plenty of good news, and some reassurance for Western fans of Xenoblade Chronicles X came in the form of a new trailer that not only showed off extensive footage, but also reiterated a 2015 release date.

It's clear why Nintendo is confident, as the title - simply known as Xenoblade X (pronounced Xenoblade Cross) in Japan - is dated for 29th April. That's pretty darn soon, and not long after Xenoblade Chronicles 3D for New Nintendo 3DS in the West.

With a game of this scale it's clear that it'll be in the very last stages of development, possibly final testing. The question is around how long it'll take to localise, though we'd hope that the process would have been undertaken during development to be finished off once final code is complete. In any case, that 2015 window for the West doesn't seem so fanciful any more, especially if Nintendo makes it a priority to localise for release.

We'll see, but in the meantime you can see the Japanese version of the latest trailer - with that release date - below.