Woah Dave!, a 3DS eShop title that we reviewed late last year, may just be arriving on the console that inspired the game's alien-exterminating mechanics, as well as gaming as a whole - the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Tiny Cartridge has spoken with Choice Provisions Director Jason Cirillo and learned that the company has tentative plans to turn Woah Dave! into a real cartridge game.

Yes, we are very keen on doing a cart-based version of Woah Dave!, with a custom box. Our preferred platform would be NES because the NES is rad. I think we can all agree on that.

Cirillo then went on to describe how the game would have to be degraded in order for Nintendo's first home console "to keep from exploding", despite its graphical style being simplistic in order to project an 8-bit vibe. He even had an answer to the problem of porting a modern game such as this onto a retro console.

In fact, our own Adam Rippon who has so expertly ported Woah Dave! to various consoles, has an extensive knowledge on coding for legacy hardware such as Game Boy and the like.

It's great that companies such as Choice Provisions aren't forgetting the past from a developmental aspect, and are actually doing more to add depth and momentum to an already fantastic and revolutionary piece of hardware from gaming's illustrious history. If this plan comes into fruition, would you be tempted to grab a cartridge version of the game?