Animators looking for projects to show off on YouTube have plenty of options, yet a common idea among Nintendo fans is to take the company's best known games and switch them up into first person. We've seen it done with Pokémon on multiple occasions, while some have gone to lengths to mod games or run them through Oculus Rift; credit's due for taking us into these iconic worlds, at least.

Another to emerge recreates the opening stage of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, which is a little creepy considering the fact Yoshi devours enemies. It reminds us of a CG version of how stages looked in Super Paper Mario, in a sense, and also demonstrates why traditional 2D platforms are far more popular than any game that has you hopping around excessively in first-person.

It's an impressive effort from YouTuber bestvegeta, though, and you can check it out below.