Princess Zelda

If you've ever wondered why Ganondorf, the Great King of Evil, has such a vendetta against the kingdom of Hyrule, you may find some clues in this amusing product description for the Princess Zelda amiibo from UK supermarket behemoth Tesco; the bad grammar is all down to the retailer, too.

The Zelda amiibo™ figure was inspired by the hit Nintendo® video game, The Legend of Zelda™ and has debuted for the Super Smash Bros™ video game. You can battle, train and level-up your Captain Falcon character, whilst adjusting her attack, defence and speed; amiibo™ characters are capable of unlocking special items also. Zelda is the Princess of Hyrule holds the power of knowledge about the Triforce lore more than anyone else, except maybe Ganondorf, himself, whom she invaded in Orcarina [sic]. The amiibo™ figure can be transported into the Super Smash Bros™ battles for you to play, either with them, or against them.

In the Tesco version of events it was Princess Zelda who invaded Ganondorf's turf, no doubt consumed with the power of knowledge about the Triforce. Where exactly Captain Falcon comes into this tale we are not entirely sure.

We like to think this alternate version of events in Hyrule is simply the work of an overworked category manager at Tesco, but it has led us to question if, in reality, Ganondorf is simply an innocent victim in this story. Or not...

Thanks to HappyMaskedGuy for the tip.