Splatoon is beginning to shape up rather nicely, and with a May release confirmed that means we'll have had less than a year from its initial reveal until it hits stores; that's a fairly rapid turnaround. The most recent Nintendo Direct broadcasts began to flesh the ink-based shooter out, too, by introducing the central plaza and various stores - you can buy clothes and weapons to shake up how you play.

The official Tumblr page has been busy with recent updates, so we thought we'd summarise the latest posts. Since our last summary there's been a new stage reveal, some lovely screens of the plaza area and details on how performance in multiplayer leads to greater rewards - the bigger the area you cover in ink, the more money you earn.

Without further ado, the posts are below.


We just received a new photo upload from one of our junior field researchers! From the looks of it, this appears to be a floating oil rig. The open area on top sure looks like a good place to battle it out, but…it seems like a lot of work getting out here in the middle of the ocean just to throw down on a cool location. Just saying.


Crispy calamari! Some new footage of our favorite squid creatures was just revealed via Nintendo Direct! It appears to show their home-base area, and also confirms the existence of other life-forms living there! This will no doubt lead our researchers to all sorts of tantalizing new breakthroughs. Such exciting times! http://youtu.be/t6zgkp1YBRw?t=15m20s

Breaking news! We just received this urgent text message from one of our senior interns: OMG SPLATOON RELEASE MAY 2015! I'm not exactly sure what this means, but apparently it was announced in the most recent Nintendo Direct. It's really gotten our researchers in a tizzy! Also, the so-called "king of squids," the bigfin reef squid, tends to make appearances in May. What a great month for squid fans everywhere!


This just in! We've now learned that most of the crazy squid creatures we've been studying call this city home. The central plaza is apparently a favorite hangout for all of the hip-and-happening squid folk. If this were Tokyo, the plaza would sort of be like Shibuya. I guess their cities aren't so different from our own!


New info coming at ya! We've just received confirmation that this tower is a very important landmark in the plaza area. Our undercover interns have observed the squid creatures entering the base of the tower to play in turf-war battles online! Now it makes sense why so many squid folk are always hanging out in the plaza. How fascinating!


Hot new nugget! Our researchers have identified four shops in the squid plaza's shopping district: a weapons shop, a headgear shop, a clothing shop, and a shoe shop. The items in stock at the clothing, headgear, and shoe shops apparently change from day to day, so be sure to check back frequently!

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Breaking news! We've now learned that the amount of in-game currency these crazy squids get from each match is tied to how much turf they cover with ink. So if you want the hottest fashions, you'd better get busy during battle!

For our money Splatoon is shaping up rather nicely, but let us know what you think in the comments below.

[source splatoonus.tumblr.com]