Could we be hearing more soon?

Cave Story is quite the tale of success. Developed over five years by one man, named Daisuke Amaya, it first saw release over ten years ago on PC. Since then, it's received universal acclaim, achieved widespread popularity and has been ported to numerous platforms. Taking inspiration from old school exploration and action games like Metroid and Castlevania, the run 'n' gunner was praised for its compelling story and well-balanced gameplay. However, over a decade later there still hasn't been any evidence of a sequel, though this may have just changed recently.

Nicalis, the company that handled porting and publishing of the game to consoles, held a discussion at PAX South yesterday and may have inadvertently - or otherwise - spilled the beans. At the end of the panel - which was headed by the company founder, Tyrone Rodriguez - an eagle eyed fan noticed a desktop icon on the home screen of the Macbook they were using to present, titled "Cave Story 2". When the fan asked Rodriguez about it, he said that he "hadn't noticed that shortcut icon". When asked directly whether or not they were working on a sequel, he responded with, "maybe, maybe not."

Before speculation gets out of hand, remember that this is not Nicalis' game, though it was responsible for publishing and producing ports. It's certainly within the realm of reason that if Daisuke Amaya did create a sequel, he would partner with Nicalis once again to get it published for consoles. We're also hoping that a video of the presentation is posted online to reinforce the earnest claims of the source that witnessed this exchange.

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