With the number of sloppy mobile ports on Nintendo's eShop platform steadily increasing, developer Frogmind Games is aiming to improve the overall quality of offerings available, announcing their critically acclaimed iOS and Android title, Badland, is on its way to the Wii U.

Since the initial launch of Badland on iOS in 2013, the title's availability has expanded to an array of mobile devices, and will now set its sights on the current generation of gaming platforms.

In Badland, players must guide a strange flapping creature through a dark alien world using just one finger. In the new iteration – Badland: Game of the Year Edition – players will have access to expanded controls, with the ability to move backwards and manipulate speed.

The Game of the Year Edition will also feature local multiplayer and co-operative modes with 15 hours worth of content across 100 single-player levels and 100 co-op missions.

No specific release date for Badland: Game of the Year Edition has been announced just yet, but the title has been confirmed for a series of gaming platforms, including the Wii U. Missing from the line-up is a mention of a 3DS version, which is unfortunate considering one of the game's defining characteristics are its touch screen controls.

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