Over the past few years, Nintendo has been making leaps and bounds to recapture the hearts of older gamers. Through titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD and the returning of older and rarer titles to the eShop such as Earthbound, Nintendo may be trying to strike a chord with the hardcore audience who may have passed on the Wii U the first time around.

Continuing this hot streak, Nintendo just released the highly anticipated Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, providing yet another reason for gamers to join the Nintendo Treehouse. Well, TheFineBros — famous for their REACT series on Youtube — decided to have some fun with this, showcasing the big N's latest blockbuster to the harshest of critics: teenagers.

The video pits the six participating teens against one another in a 1v1 knockout tournament, with the top three facing off in the finale. With a mixture of seasoned veterans to brand new players, the clips can spark a chuckle in the slightest Nintendo fan.

This is not the first time the Fine Bros have showcased Nintendo related gaming to their viewers. Earlier this year, the brothers showcased Nintendo's first console, the NES, to another group of teenagers. More famously however, was the hilariously that was Kids React to Game Boy this summer.

Here's to more from the film-making duo, with hopes for more Nintendo related reactions to come.