A thing of beauty

Technology has moved at an incredible pace over the past 25 years. Back in 1989, mobile phones were massive and so expensive that only Wall Street businessmen could afford to own one without having to sell a kidney, and portable gaming was considerably less advanced than it is now.

The monochrome Game Boy revolutionised mobile entertainment and sold millions, boasting such classics as Zelda: Link's Awakening, Pokémon Red & Blue and Tetris, but the historical importance of the platform holds little water with modern nippers.

YouTubers The Fine Bros. — famous for their "Kids React" series of videos — placed the vintage device in front of a gaggle of youngsters, and the resultant footage makes for depressing viewing if you're over the age of 30.

To be fair, some of the interviewed children were at least aware of the importance of the console, but most were dismissive — and who can really blame them when they've grown up in a world where something much smaller can play better games in full colour, as well as surf the web, play videos and stream music? It's all about perspective.

Still, we think the beige brick is plenty cool, so these kids can eat our shorts.

[source kotaku.com]