Earlier today Atlus released cover art and pre-order CD details for Etrian Mystery Dungeon. The publisher is now aiming to build pre-order hype for the recently announced Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker, too.

Due as a 3DS exclusive in early 2015, it's an enhanced version of the DS original, with 'Record Breaker' referring to a new episode that continues the plot and 'nearly doubles' the length of the game; players can opt to play from the start or jump straight into the new content. As with the earlier announcement Atlus has released updated box art, which is typically stylish.

Devil Survivor Record Breaker Box Art

Perhaps more importantly there'll also be a bonus soundtrack CD with pre-orders and first print editions of the title; it'll feature "a special arrangement from Shoji Meguro and the ATLUS Sound Team".

Is this another Atlus title you're keen on picking up in 2015, or is it a little too low on your wishlist right now? Let us know.