Today we saw a tweet from Twitter user @Shiroth that got our pulses racing, as it shared an image of a potential fourth wave of amiibo due in March next year — the line-up showed Pac-Man, Greninja, Game & Watch, Dark Pit, Ness(!) and Lucina.

Due to there being no official details from Nintendo we scoured the web for the original source and, unfortunately, upon discovering the forum post on GameFAQs we have to conclude that they're fake. That's a crying shame, but you can admire the mock-ups (and spot the issues) in the two images below.

Amiibo4 Concept1
Amiibo4 Concept2

It's the wrong season for completely crushing dreams, however, so let's consider the characters we still want to see as amiibo. There are plenty left, of course, and we wouldn't put it past Nintendo to match its stated ambition (revealed during E3) and eventually release the whole roster — hopefully with decent stock levels...

Let us know which amiibo toys you'd rush out and buy in the comments below, while we've also added a poll for your enjoyment.

Which amiibo would you like to see in future waves? (824 votes)

  1. Bowser Jr.4%
  2. Duck Hunt (Duo)11%
  3. R.O.B.5%
  4. Ganondorf6%
  5. Wario3%
  6. Mr Game & Watch7%
  7. Greninja4%
  8. Olimar4%
  9. Jigglypuff2%
  10. Zero Suit Samus11%
  11. Pac-Man4%
  12. Falco1%
  13. Dark Pit4%
  14. Charizard5%
  15. Palutena4%
  16. Robin4%
  17. Ness8%
  18. Lucina9%
  19. Dr. Mario2%
  20. Mii (generic designs)1%

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