Eurogamer — naturally being a site frequented by many gamers from Europe — has been contacted by a reader in Moscow to explain that while amiibo does interact with the gates to the Metro, it doesn't actually open them up. You see the green light, though:

The confusion here is that the gates in Moscow metro seem to be opened all the time, but in fact they're actually closed. You need to place your card on the reader to 'unlock' it and go past them. If you don't, the gates quickly shuts right before you, possibly injuring your private parts.

You can see that green light disappear really quickly - it's supposed to stay green until you're past the gates.

Samus does work on the Moscow Metro, sort of, she just won't get you past the gate.

Original Article:

Moscow's Metro has been invaded by tiny plastic Nintendo characters, thanks to their NFC technology being sufficient to open the station's ticket barriers.

One Nintendo fan discovered this apparent issue and posted a video on Instagram (which you can see below) proving that their Samus amiibo could get them past the ticket barrier.

It's entirely possible that the toy has been tinkered with and had its NFC technology replaced with that of a travel card, but we'd like to think that the bounty hunter's habit of opening just about any door has bled into the real world.

Just imagine the doors that the dual-wielding factory error Samus amiibo could open.

Are you itching to try this out in your local station? We'd advise against it, but let us know in the comments if you plan to do it anyway!