Pokemon Blue SNES

It can be said that most Pokémaniacs share the dream of one day being able to play a full Pokémon adventure on a big screen, and one dedicated fan has achieved this by managing to fit a Pokémon Blue Game Boy cartridge into an empty SNES cartridge through some soldering work.

The Nintendo 64’s Pokémon Stadium 1 & 2 immediately come to mind in previously achieving this concept, with its Game Boy Tower feature in 1999/2000. Players wishing to play Pokémon Red / Blue / Yellow / Gold / Silver / Crystal were able to providing they had a Transfer Pak, which had to be inserted into the back of an N64 controller with the Game Boy cartridge inserted into the clunky device. It worked a charm, but it became uncomfortable holding a heavy controller in a steady state to avoid the Transfer Pak becoming loose during long play sessions. Frequent encounters of slow game loading times when travelling from area to area also occurred, and in the end many opted to revert back to playing their monster catching adventures on a handheld device. Prior to that, of course, there was the Super Game Boy on the Super NES; the difference here is the rather literal transformation of a SNES cartridge into a Pokémon Blue game.

With the ever-growing size and variety of content on the Nintendo eShop, the lingering thought of handheld main-series Pokémon classics becoming available on this platform have been increasingly apparent, and we’re still yet to experience this – if ever. If you’re tired of waiting and interested in playing your favourite Pokémon Game Boy game on the big screen with a bit of extra style (as well as feeling comfortable / adventurous with taking games apart), have a look at the series of photos + instructions and have a go for yourself. Let us know how you get on!

[source imgur.com, via gamnesia.com]