We like the idea of eight player Super Smash Bros. for Wii U action, we really do. Yet one thing is certain for those of us that are living within modest means; it's going to get a bit crowded around the TV when we have seven buddies — add joke about the writer not having that many friends here — gathered for an evening of battles. We think we can rustle up enough controllers, but some will sit on the floor, others will perch awkwardly in the corner and so on — like a house party, but without bad music playing.

Not a problem in Nintendo's world, however, no siree. In the idealised world of TV commercials our homes are rather large, well lit places, without dust or last week's pizza box in sight. Oh, and furniture, we have stylish chairs and sofa to comfortably accommodate all of our devilishly attractive friends — check out Nintendo of America's advert below.

It's a pretty decent commercial, we'd say, if lacking a tiny bit of the visual flair and humour found in the 3DS equivalents; nevertheless we do have players whizzing off screen and the neat "settle it with Smash" slogan, so it arguably hits the mark.

Are you a fan of this ad, and have you spotted it on TV in North America yet? Let us know.